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Email Marketing


Email marketing is one of the ways of digital marketing. It is an organic way of promoting your products and services. But are your emails being read by the audience or are they just in their inbox or in spam? So, here is the path on which you can walk to reach out to your audiences through your creative emails.


What is an Email-Marketing?


Email marketing is sending commercial emails to a group of people to increase awareness. Email marketing is done to attract potential customers. The motive behind it is to increase awareness regarding products and services.


You can generate leads and attracts customers with the help of mail. These leads can turn potential customers into actual customers. You should follow email marketing tips. 


Here are some of the ideas that can help you to do email marketing. These tips you can apply to increase sales in 2023.


10 Best tips for Email Marketing:


1. Run the a/b test on the subject line:


For email marketing, run an A/B test on the subject line. You can perform an A/B test for the subject line of your mail. Always send emails with two subject lines to customers.


Test which subject line performs well in attracting customers. You can select that subject line from now on to send emails.


2. Write Attractive Subject Line:


Write a subject line that is attention-grabbing in email marketing. After reading the subject line Customer should feel excited to open the mail.
Here are some examples of Food delivery service campaigns:


Missing you!! It’s Thursday already!!
Hope you are not feeling hungry!!
50% off on your hunger!!
How I am your butter!!
Game of cones!!


3. Product Education: 


Write about the usage of the product in email marketing. How your product is unique to save time in daily life?


Also, inform how to use the product. Learn them by describing step by step the usage of the product. Also, describe each step by using an image.


4. Send emails at the best time:


ake sure that your emails are opened by customers. It should not be in the trash.
The best time to send emails is the middle days of the week.


Never use starting or ending days of the week. People are used to busying at starting days the of the week. At the ending days of the week, they are in a weekend mood. So, these days there is a high chance that they will ignore your emails.


Use middle days to send emails to grab their attention.


5. Use videos to engage viewers:


83% of marketers believe that using videos to promote products is rising. With the increasing craze for Facebook and Instagram, it is no surprise why videos are engaging customers.


The click rate can be increased with the use of videos. Personalized content can attract more customers so try to create more personal content. It is most important for email marketing.


6. Keep it short & sharp: 


People have limited attention spans. This becomes true when it comes to email marketing.


Make sure your email is not so difficult to scan. A lot of people will scan your message. Keep your emails short. Customers should get the idea within a second.
Here are some points:


  • In a sentence, there should not be more than 25 words.
  • Keep your paragraph short.


7. Create Categorized Content :


Create emails that provide customers with the information that they are looking for.


Customers choose the emails that provide fruitful information that best fits their interests and then they continue their journey with us.


The company understands the basic interest of the customers and try to create content according to them.


8. Personalize your emails:


91%  of people say that they will repeat their purchase if they feel more personal experience. This is the reason behind the personalization of emails.


Jio Saavn makes personalized content for their listeners with their personal playlists. These emails have more click-through rates.  It increases value for the company.


By segmenting a list, you can create more personalized content for customers.


9. Include clear call to action:


When using email marketing, the most important component is a call to action. This button grabs a user’s attention. It encourages them to act.


In email marketing, a call to action is a hyperlinked line or a button. It directs a user to a website of a brand’s choosing.


The main aim of CTA is to drive consumers to action.


10. Remind customers about offers and sales:


Find the problems of products and services that are faced by customers. Make sure they feel connected with you after reading this mail.


Remind the festive season offers, gifts, and sales discounts to customers through email marketing.


The customers feel like purchasing after seeing offers and discounts through email. It acts as a reminder for your target audiences.




Are you ready to take action? We have given you the box full of arrows, now it’s your time to shoot at your aim.


These are the email marketing ideas to increase sales for your campaign. People have a low tendency to open or see or read your emails. It should have an attractive subject line as well as categorized content so that customers are attracted to open emails.





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