In-app Marketing

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In-app Marketing

So, youí app is on the maíket.

Its getting attention and downloads. You even have a healthy number of daily active users. What next?

Its time to take full advantage of that engagement with a solid in-app marketing campaign that will drive revenue.

In-app Marketing
The term In-app marketing refers to any kind of marketing campaign that is developed for, and deployed within, a mobile application. While theies a lot of variety in specific methodologies, well be discussing how to connect with users that have alíeady installed

your app and started their first session. Tiis includes a number of in-app communication tactics designed to promote desired behaviours and drive revenue, such as:

Píomoting viítual goods and cuííencies foí sale in an apps IAP (In-App Puíchase) stoíe Incentivizing social shaíes foí the puíposes of attíacting moíe installs

Encouíaging engagement with íewaíded ad placements

Fosteíing inteíest in loyalty píogíams and scheduled engagement

Infoíming active useís of featuíes included in the latest update

While youí own in-app maíketing stíategies will vary based on your specific platform and app format, whats important is making everything easily accessible for your users and keeping your messaging fresh. Staying on top of the latest marketing trends can be challenging, but the results are worth it.

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