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We have a lot of respect for consumers.

They don’t want to be interrupted. We dig deep to understand their motivations, passion, and culture to deliver value at their touchpoints of attention.

At the helm.

Hearts & Science was founded with a special focus on data analytics and a foundation of heart. Here are the masterminds behind our success.

Chris Stanger

Chief Executive Officer

Dana Basile

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Wamble

Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Cullen

Chief Investment Officer

Alex Siddal

Chief Strategy Officer

Maria DePanfilis

Managing Executive Director, Head of Marketing Science & Technology

Catherine Leung

Managing Executive Director, Head of Activation

Wilson Standish

Head of Content & Creaivity

Jason Jahn

Executive Director, Marketing & Employee Engagement

Brian Plumb

Exxecutive Director, Human Resources

& Local

Closer to home

Jason Jahn

President, Entertainment

Closer to home

MaryAnne Geiger

Executive Business Director

Chanelle Flavell

Managing Executive Director, Culture & Creativity

Ray Romero

Managing Executive Director

Rachel Oomd

Executive Director, Strategy

Belonging at


We’re deeply committed to breaking down systemic bias and building a more inclusive world. Our action plan addresses a broad range of workplace inequalities with an urgent focus on advancing opportunities for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).

Define the future of media with us.

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